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2010 Topps National Chicle

Well this was the first box of anything I opened in more than 2 months. 2010 Topps National Chicle consists of 24 packs per box with 8 cards per pack. You are promissed 2 autographs and 1 game used card per box. Lets get down to the review

If you are looking for the big “hits” I say stick to triple threads. This is really a set for building. The base cards look really nice.However after busting this box I realized that this wasnt the type of stuff that I should be busting. I am more a regular Topps guy.

Autos 2: Neil Walker and Brent Dlugach

The good thing about the autos is that they are on card, no stickers. Unfortunatly the check list isnt too great when it comes to the autos

Jersey card 1: Colby Rasmus.

Bazooka backs 3

National Chicle backs: 7

Overall I had mixed feelings about the box. I dont like the fact that there are so many different backs and sp’s. In fact one sp really annoyed me. It was of Dustin Pedroia who we all know plays for the Red Sox. They had him pictured wearing an old Boston Braves jersey. The Boston Braves are the Atlanta Braves and the Boston Braves had nothing to do with the Red Sox. Thats like putting Derek Jeter in a Mets uniform. I dont know if Topps was aware of this but it really caught me off guard.

I would say if you are going to buy an old retro product then stick to Heritage. It is about the same price per box and I feel heritage is more fun to bust and collect.

Overall rating

Product itself 3/5

My box 2/5

Autos 1/5

Game jersey 2/5


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